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amazon com explaining creativity the science of human - explaining creativity is an accessible introduction to the latest scientific research on creativity the book summarizes and integrates a broad range of research in psychology and related scientific fields in the last 40 years psychologists anthropologists and sociologists have devoted increased attention to creativity we now know more about creativity than at any point in history, creativity the human brain in the age of innovation - advance praise for creativity countless contributions have dealt with the psychological socio cultural cognitive evolutionary aspects of creativity the neuroanatomical and physiological aspects have been explored to a limited extent which is odd as creativity is the product of brain s activity, leadership creativity and innovation a critical review - leadership is a key predictor of employee team and organizational creativity and innovation research in this area holds great promise for the development of intriguing theory and impactful policy implications but only if empirical studies are conducted rigorously, peter melville logan on culture edward b tylor s - edward b tylor s primitive culture articulates one of two major theories of culture to emerge around 1870 his theory defines culture in descriptive terms as the complex whole that makes up social ideas and institutions and in this it helped to establish anthropology as a recognized science, 5 principles of creativity the creativity post - greg satell greg satell is a popular speaker and consultant his first book mapping innovation is coming out in 2017 follow his blog at digital tonto or on twitter digitaltonto, leading blog a leadership blog creativity innovation - this post is by amy j radin author of the change maker s playbook how to seek seed and scale innovation in any company she is a recognized fortune 100 chief marketing and innovation officer with a record of moving ideas to performance in complex businesses including citi and american express, swiss innovation and creativity swisstouchusa - swiss touch in a nutshell swiss touch is an event series and social media campaign pushing swiss innovation and creative ideas forward through the participation of prominent swiss and american stakeholders a selection of compelling topics and unusual locations follow our journey throughout the u s, social innovation moving the field forward a conceptual - research on social innovation has gained momentum over the last decade spurred notably by the growing interest in social issues related to management entrepreneurship and public management, science technology and innovation intellectual and - a project funded by the canadian social sciences and humanities research council sshrc innovation is everywhere in the world of goods technology but also in the world of words innovation is discussed in the scientific and technical literature but also in social science like history sociology management and economics, the heart of innovation culture of innovation archives - here s nick skillicorn introducing the upcoming online innovation and creativity summit 2017 i am happy to announce that i will be one of the 45 presenters, creativity and mental illness wikipedia - history it has been proposed that there is a particular link between creativity and mental illness e g bipolar disorder whereas major depressive disorder appears to be significantly more common among playwrights novelists biographers and artists association between mental illness and creativity first appeared in literature in the 1970s but the idea of a link between madness and, the nber productivity innovation and entrepreneurship - the nber productivity innovation and entrepreneurship program encourages economists to study issues relating to the productivity of u s firms including the determinants of investment r d labor relations and entrepreneurship