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military history of greece during world war ii wikipedia - the military history of greece during world war ii began on 28 october 1940 when the italian army invaded from albania beginning the greco italian war the greek army was able to halt the invasion temporarily and was able to push the italians back into albania the greek successes forced nazi germany to intervene the germans invaded greece and yugoslavia on 6 april 1941 and overran both, axis occupation of greece wikipedia - the occupation of greece by the axis powers greek i katochi meaning the occupation began in april 1941 after nazi germany invaded greece to assist its ally fascist italy which had been at war with allied greece since october 1940 following the conquest of crete all of greece was occupied by june 1941 the occupation in the mainland lasted until germany and its ally, greece the metaxas regime and world war ii britannica com - greece the metaxas regime and world war ii public disillusionment with the endless political corruption which had been growing swiftly in the preceding years was exacerbated when the news broke that the main political blocs were secretly negotiating with the communists when the nonpolitical figure who headed a caretaker government charged with overseeing the elections died he was, greece in the second world war history of greece - in 1940 the italians under mussolini issue an ultimatum to the greeks demanding they allow the italian army to cross into and occupy greece it is greece s finest moment and the greek response inspired the world, the ottoman sultans of turkey successors in romania - the occupation of constantinople by the allies after world war i is a remarkable chapter in its own right although all axis capitals would be occupied after world war ii constantinople was the only one to have this happen after world war i, world war ii new world encyclopedia - world war ii also wwii or the second world war was a global military conflict that took place between 1939 and 1945 it was the largest and deadliest war in history the date commonly given for the start of the war is september 1 1939 when nazi germany invaded poland within two days the united kingdom and france declared war on germany although the only european battles remained in poland, works set in world war ii tv tropes - the early part of the war from the invasion of poland in september 1939 to the fall of france in summer 1940 it ended with the victory and domination of continental western europe by nazi germany and the occupation of the eastern half of poland and the baltic states by ussr, the macedonian greek conflict history of macedonia - the macedonian greek conflict the age long conflict between greeks and macedonians the macedonian greek conflict is a very complex issue, twentieth century atlas world war two casualty statistics - this chart contains my best estimate for national death tolls during the second world war click the links for sources and details, short history of macedonia - short history of macedonia although macedonia is a young state which became independent in 1991 its roots run deep in the history